Get the information you need with the Folio Box Office reports. Hundreds of predefined report styles and types are available to you with our exclusive Point-and-Shoot report selector. Just click on the selection, sort, and format options on the report screen and a customized report is generated in seconds. Folio's report categories include the following styles of reports.

Event Reports - Lists of event and series definitions. Lists of patrons attending event with seating assignments; will call lists, lists of tickets on hold.

Patron Reports - Patron directories including various combinations of demographic data and marketing codes.

Sales Reports - Print sales by event, series, performance group, user, patron, payment type, venue, or account code. Review sales broken down by gross sales, taxes, fees, discounts, credits, and net revenue. Use to review event status, reconcile sales, and review sales history. Sales can be broken down by box office, online, and all sales.

Payment Reports - Review payments by type, track deferred payments, and create invoices and statements.

Night of Show Reports - Batch print 'will call' tickets. Check for any unprinted tickets. Check seating assignments to verify no seating discrepancies. Print list of patron seating for quick lookup on anyone forgetting tickets. Print tour managers report or ticket sold report for immediate reconcile of money distribution.

Folio also has a several special reports related to marketing, donations, and reporting royalties.

If there isn't a standard report that meets your needs, you can create your own custom reports with our built in Report Builder or with any third party reporting tool, such as Crystal Reports. Folio also has a sophisticated query tool to retrieve and report data in unlimited combinations. The data can then be exported in spreadsheet format for further analysis.

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